#10 – The battle of X47L-Q (ENG) – Part.1

As promised by our allmighty leader, our crusade to the Nord (here is my last post about it) keeps going , this time in the X47L-Q system.

Our mission was to destroy a NC keepstar, thus reducing his hability to control that territory.

I decided to bring a Corax, a destroyer class-vessel armed with Mjolnir Light Missile.  My purpose was to destroy any frigate, bomber or interceptor venturing near our Titans. And it works ! I killed nearly twenty ships before my Corax get destroyed.

Speaking of the battle, if the keepstar was not destroyed and one of our Molok get killed, the losses are fair. The inevitable destruction of that damn keepstar remains eminant.

Battle Report

Battle footage:

Goon propaganda, best progaganda:



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