#5 – Frenchswarm to Jasson (ENG)

I’m just coming back form a deployment of the Frenchswarm squad (the frenchspeaking squad of the Imperium), we were in the solar system of Jasson in the Aridia region.

The Jasson citadel.

As soon as we heard that the LowSechnaya Sholupen was attacking our citadel, the squad was already on the warpath, preparing its various members (Les Chevaliers de l’Ordre, El Ultimo Hombre, ICE is Coming to EVE and more) to defend our holding.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the Frenchswarm.

I choose a Claw to tackle our ennemies, allowing my allies to turn them into wrecks.


Unfortunately our opponents managed to get me, my Claw didn’t get any chance against the firepower of  several dreadnoughts


The results ? Looking at the battle report we can see that we have fulfill our goals (saving the citadel, crushing our ennemies and enjoying their lamentations) fort a fair price (12.27B lost vs 8.28B for our ennemies).


To be continued…

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